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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 25, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> tonight at eight. police are actively investigating a shooting that has injured at least one officer in east oakland. this video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news shows the scene just hours ago we head out live to the area. that's where we find kron 4's jeff bush who has been following this story. jeff what's the latest? >> reporter: p.m., let me show you the car. pam, they were investigating this car crash. at 6:00 p.m., they heard gunshots. just a few blocks away, on 49th street the police and one police officer has been shot. and he has been taken to the hospital with none-life threatening injuries. that is all we know. the details are still forthcoming and
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we're still waiting for police chief, howard jordan. that is all we know. jeff bush, kron 4. >> pam: jeff, anything about the suspect? >> reporter: we are hearing that there has been one arrest. there was some information earlier that there could have been two people however, there has been one suspect are arrested. >> pam: thank you, jeff. >> we're still more than a week away from the super bowl, but san francisco city officials are already working on plans to keep crowds from getting out of control, if the 49ers win. kron 4's charles clifford has details on where things stand now. >> reporter: after the giants won the world series back in october, there were large crowds celebrating all over san francisco, things really got rowdy around mission and 22nd where people were blocking the street and lighting fires. there was also a large crowd and a bonfire outside att park and along market street a muni bus was
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vandalized and set on fire. the city, of course, is hoping to avoid a repeat of scenes like these if the 49ers win the super bowl. after the giants world series win, city officials learned a few things. for one, revelers started fires using garbage from near by trash cans. before the super bowl, the city will have the garbage picked up to literally remove fuel from the fires. muni may also make changes to bus and train routes along market street to avoid a repeat of this scene. the dpt will also be rerouting traffic around problem areas, like mission street, to allow crowds to spread out and to keep vehicles moving. the san francisco police department will also have hundreds of officers working before, during and after the game. there will also be units going into bars and restaurants, keeping an eye out for problems. but in the end, there is only so much the city can
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do, and the city is hoping that fans will celebrate responsibly. >> have a good time but to be respectful of other peoples property. we don't want to see the vandalism; we don't want to see anyone get hurt. we want it to be a nice event for everybody. >> reporter: in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> with the super bowl just nine days away. today was the last day the 49er players and coaches. talked to reporters before they leave for new orleans. kron 4's j.r. stone will also be heading to new orleans to cover the game and the lead up to it. he's here tonight. j.r. - coach harbaugh was asked today about keeping his players in line while in new orleans. >> reporter: you are about to see that he did not say that much. bourbon street, food, celebrities, women, that is usually what is associated with bourbon street. when it comes to making sure that his players will follow the rules that was what the coach had to say.
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>> yes, we will have a schedule, and rules. >> reporter: if you think the players have not gotten in trouble before? think again! and the night before super bowl 37, he went on a drinking binge in tijuana, mexico. when he was found, he was sent home. eugene robinson was sent home on a super bowl 33 for soliciting prostitution. and adrian, with the broncos also got an extreme the why before the super bowl. he was over twice the legal limit. he was also sent home. and brett favre while in new orleans was reported seeing drinking beers with fans. he was allowed to play and helped beat the new england
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patriots. so far, so good, the 49ers will go to the orleans. i will be there monday for a full week of 49ers. >> pam: 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree will 'not' face sexual assault charges. the announcement came from the san francisco district attorney's office just hours ago. it said the police department's special victim's unit has finished its investigation. and there will not be charges filed against crabtree at this time. crabtree was accused of assault after an alleged incident in a san francisco hotel early january 13th. the day following the 49ers playoff victory against the green bay packers. >> developing news. law
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enforcement officials in millbrae are on the lookout tonight for a man who tried to convince an 11 year old girl to get in his car. as kron 4's dan kerman tell us, this happened outside the young girl's middle school. >> reporter: san mateo police were front and center when this school let out in millbrae. they have increased patrols, visibility since this attempted abduction of a 11 year-old on wednesday afternoon. friday afternoon at taylor middle school they have increased patrols attempted abduction of an 11 year old girl on wednesday afternoon. the student was waiting to be packed up. the stranger spoke to the student. the student was been waiting to be picked...up. the stranger asked for the library was and to get into the car and show >> reporter: him reporterthe child's mother arrived at that point, the suspect left and the child was unharmed. but school officials are taking this seriously and sent this note out to every parent in the district. >> our standard practice is
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so that they can be on alert and be able to talk to the children. so that our children are equipped with policies and standards. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a middle eastern man, 30-40 years old with a shaved head and driving a dark green 4 door sedan this happened on a wednesday but it was not reported until the next day to the district. they want to be notified, immediately! and also to let parents know so people can keep an eye about. in millbrae, dan kerman, kron 4. >> pam: an attempted kidnapping in antioch. has parents and teachers on high alert. parents could be seen walking their children to school, after the most recent kidnapping attempt at sutter elementary school targetted a fifth grade boy. the principal says, staff spoke with each child about what to do when they are in a such a situation.
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>> we focus on the main points to make sure that you do not get into a car right somebody that you do not know. even if they are nice, appeared to be nice or offer you something. if you do not know them? you do not go with them. >> pam: antioch police patrolled the area once school was out. the suspect is described as a white man with gray hair and gray stubble -- last seen driving a light blue, 1970s-era car. and. the search is still on for a kidnapper in san jose. surveilance video from a nearby home, caught the struggle between the suspect and a 13 year old girl in the early morning hours last friday. the girl fought off her kidnapper and managed to get away. police have released a sketch of the suspect. >> pam: police have
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proposed a controversial plan. alecia reed. >> reporter: the officer count has been at an all- time low because of budget cuts. and because of the open positions, the council member his making a proposal to the city council. if the current san jose officers give them a bonus. >> to interposition, there is a lot of competition. to keep them in their current- position. this could boost also morale. we know that over the years we anticipate retirement and the current city budget issues that the city has
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had. on top of that, we have experienced in a solve this is a way to say that we can what we do? on a one time basis to close that gap. and the financially better off. >> reporter: this is a better proposition that could help with the police department. in the san jose, alecia reed, kron 4. >> pam: tonight. the alameda county sherrif's office says, a deputy had *no choice but to shoot a man. who charged at him while holding a knife. this happened about 9-am. on fredericksen lane. investigators say, a concerned father called 9-1- 1 for help. because his 28- year-old son was acting in a bizarre manner the sheriff's office says. the first deputy on the scene had only seconds to react after stepping out of
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this was very quick thing. he got out of the car and was immediately confronted. he started charging at him with a 12-inch ramble style knife. he was threatened. >> pam: investigators say, the man who was shot is expected to survive. and it's not the first time they have had to respond to that area. because of distrurbances involving the same person. >> jacqueline: the increasing clouds with storm clouds to the north. on the lot of rainfall associated. with this, we will have a bit of a break. the spotty rain pattern that we have
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seen will be frequently over the past several weeks. it will bring cold air and showers. temperatures remained fairly mild. with nice and warm in the upper 60s. right now in the '50s with cooler in daly city. 54 in pleasanton. the chance of spotty showers but not much right now. as a move towards saturday, sunday hit and miss with cooler temperatures. that arctic air will talk about that and drier weather >> pam: newly released numbers on the flu outbreak. show it is declining in some areas of the country. and anti-abortion take to the streets.
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>> the latest numbers on the cbc of the flu. of the cdc- they have been analyzing dataa total of 47 states reported "widespread" geographic influenza activity. that's down from 48 last week. the report also found high levels of influenza- like illness in 26 states -- a decrease from the 30 reported last week. also. it found cases where we are. in the southwest and northwest were rising. but levels seem to be declining in the south, southeast, new england and the midwest. >> here is the nationwide map from the cdc. california
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house high activity. not quite a highest but this is the first week that california it is orange. you can go back one mont. take a look. the green is indicating minimal flew and the east coast is in pretty decent shape. early october it was all green. week by week, look at the red, look at the orange infiltrating. now in the month of december. it is changing week by week but we're seeing more in california. grant, kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: we have been dealing with spotty showers and it will continue for the weekend. not much as we see rain. for the evening is one week and likely see showers along the coast. sunday morning, a better chance near the coast as well. this
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system will bring some cold air. temperatures will drop. they could increase monday and even towards next week. the satellite and radar showing this tail and is sweeping over the north bay. very little moisture associated. it is well to the north and even some light sprinkles here, there but we're not going to see that much. the system has been impacting us and that is complete, this is complete and offshore in another system approaching with spot a cloud patterns indicating instability. spotty showers that will stay close to the coast. they look on futurecast we are pinpointing some activity to the south. we are seeing that cloud coverage. and nothing major at all. clouds will start to decrease as this slide through. sunny skies
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tomorrow and the increase with clouds tomorrow and the north bay. we could see the rain fall approaching the coast. as for the afternoon highs? upper 50s for the most part and 50s through san francisco, some rafeal and daly city. a look at your extended forecast with rain on/off. through san rafeal--monday will stay chilly but tuesday, and the rest of next week will see sunny skies. and the return of chilly morning lows. >> pam: president obama got some unwelcome legal news today. a federal appeals court has struck down three of the appointments he made while congress was on its holiday break. they were for jobs on the national labor relations board. the court said it was an unconstitutional use of executive power. when the president made the appointments, senators were away for the holidays for
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20 days, but the senate was officially in session. if today's decision stands, it could invalidate hundreds of decisions by the labor board that were made over the past year. >> pam: anti-abortion activists took our nations capitol by storm today. countless arrived for the "march for life" event in washington d-c. it coincides with this week's 40-th anniversary of the roe versus wade supreme court decision upholding a woman's right to the procedure. demonstrators rallied at the national mall with religious leaders and politicians including a message from house speaker john boehner. >> coming up later, alicia is ready with a sports we will talk about the warriors. their game in chicago and of course the superbowl. colin kaepernick and ray lewis.. ray
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>> pam: would you sell your last name? and if so, how much would you sell it for? a san francisco based tech company. paid a man to re=name himself after their company. slate shows us the marketing extremes businesses are now going to for attention. >> we are in chafed tech boo we are in the mid of a high-tech boom. >> after 43 days, after putting his last name on the bay, it ended at $45,000. the winner was a san francisco-based company they sell every type can imagine. and now, that is his last name. legally. they are looking
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for ways to think of sidewalks. now his legal name is jason it has created a lot of buzz which was exactly what it wanted the ceo speaks. >> $45 it was quite a price tag. $45,000 --. the amount of buzz that we created from the us was worth that (bri tish acccents) >> however, with this, there was nothing to worry about the my mother was going through a divorce should not want the last name. i did not want the last name. why
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not sell this. i asked him what it is like with living it with such a unique way. >> i like having fun with people so i put my name on the coffee mug. i'm having fun with it. . gabe slate tech report get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets
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>> pam: a fourteen year old facing charges after
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bullying turned into a dangerous situation with a gun! and. gun control activists plans to bring their list of demands for change to the steps of our nation's capitol. what lawmakers have to say about the list. >> jacqueline: a live look outside with increasing clouds more rain could be on the way. .
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>> pam: our developing story a officer involved shooting at 8:30 tonight earlier, jeff pierce is on the scene. >> reporter: that is correct, pam is an officer involved shooting. let us take a look this is 47th ave. they were investigating a hit and run with these cars. two of these officers were involved in this
8:32 pm
investigation. while they were investigating the hit and run that they heard gunshots. that was on 49th ave. while the police were going towards in this and one of the officers was shot in the leg. several other officers arrived. to set up a perimeter. police officers returned fire to the vict suit suspect and he dropped his gun and surrendered. police chief, howard jordan just briefed the crowd. >> this really highlights the level of violence that we are dealing with. the fact that someone wants to take the opportunity to harm our officers in full uniform. after being involved in violence prior and still had the audacity to shoot at our officers. this tells you the love of violence that we're dealing
8:33 pm
with. we will do everything in our powers to put an end to this. >> reporter: the officer was taken to eight local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. to a local hospital. and one person has been detained in custody. that is the latest, jeff bush, kron 4. >> pam: serious charges could now be ahead for a teenager accused of unrelentingly bullying two younger school-mates. kron4's rob fladeboe walks us through how police say it all unfolded. >> he dislodged an air bbg gun ...this 'airshot' bb
8:34 pm
gun was after these two juvenile is declined to smoke marijuana with them. he targeted them. and even started bullying them, cyber bullying >> after talking with officials he continued despite sending threatening text messages. and sending threatening messages on facebook. they are looking at possibly other victims. in a victim that went out to parents the district is working with law enforcement calling this an opportunity for parents to remain aware of your students activity and on line. facing battery, caressing phone calls. legal analyst and
8:35 pm
former prosecuting,- caressing -- phone calls he could even spent time in juvenile hall. they say that the courts are showing very little tolerance for any type of bullying. morgan hill, rob fladeboe, kron 4. police say the air soft shooting occurred after the boy had been warned by the school >> vice president joe biden is on the road promoting the president's gun controlon friday he traveled to virginia, a state well known for it's support of the second ammendment, which protects the right to keep and bear arms. the p-r campaign concides with a march for new gun control laws set for the nation's capital this weekend. stacey cohan >> reporter: lawmakers in
8:36 pm
richmond are all too familiar with the challenges of gun laws. the mass shooting at virginia tech in 2007 prompted the creation of an expert panel there to examine gun safety issues. the vice president and homeland security secretary janet napolitano sat down friday with former panel members as the obama administration tries to promote new national gun laws. >> we were able to really quiz our friends here who tragedy as everyone in america knows, what happened at virginia tech >> reporter: >> reporter: the leader of the independent firearm owners association says polticians need to adjust their aim. >> instead of focusing on the gun, we need to focus on the problem, which is always, in whose hands are the guns >> reporter: gun control became a top presidential priority following the mass shooting in a newtown, connecticut elementary school. president obama is pushing gun sales and a renewed ban on assault weapons. supporters of the on washington this weekend. actress and activist kathleen turner will be among them. >> (turner): this is not an attack on the second ammendment. i don't think anybody is going to say you may not own a gun. it is simply let's own it responsibly and wisely. >> reporter: march participants want a ban on assault rifles and high capacity ammunition magazines. they also seek increased background checks and gun safety training for buyers. but feldman says any effort at a new ban is more political than productive.
8:37 pm
>> what is going to be the impact of the future ban on those magazines and guns. on criminals and crazy people? zero. nada. >> reporter: the president is hoping his gun plan will have better odds than that.with lawmakers on capitol hill. in washington, i'm stacey cohan kron4 news. >> pam: jacqueline has the latest on our forecast. >> jacqueline: we do have a number of locations with temperatures were soaring in the 60s. certainly it did not feel like january. 60s for napa, half moon bay and as we take a look outside the satellite. we are seeing the tail end of this system. we have more cloud
8:38 pm
coverage but the rainfall is non existent. stain to the north and the one impacting us is well to the north it is staying to the north-and to the east, this is not bringing us that much. this third one, with spot a shower activity. as for temperatures? it is still pretty mild. as we just showed you that cold air. cooler conditions for the weekend and will talk all about it, coming up. >> coming up some people are willing to spend $500 to makepark in front of the house. in the next edition of people behaving badly in front of their house to be able to park in front of their house.
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>> now for today's market update. it's a big day for the standard and poor's 500 index. it closed above 1,500 for the first time since 2007. lifted by strong earnings from procter & gamble and starbucks. the dow rose 70-points.. the nasdaq gained just over 19. and the s-and-p-500 picked up a little over eight points. >> the pentagon has started laying off thousands of contract and temporary civilian workers. a spokesman says the agency is letting 46-thousand people go. it's an effort to reduce spending ahead of possible mandatory budget cuts in march. if congress fails to reach a deal on deficit reduction, the military will be forced to reduce its budget by billions of dollars. you might be missing some money.and not even know it! there is roughly *58-billion dollars* in unclaimed money and property sitting in treasuries all over the country. the national association of unclaimed property administrators says most of it is held by states. these funds come from forgotten bank accounts, life insurance payouts. you may want to take a look
8:42 pm
at the online databases. one person in connecticut claimed nearly 33-million dollars from an old stock sale! >> coming up coach karbalcoach karbal and wh colin kaepernick coach harbaugh, coming up the latest information, coming up...
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.this is a nice green grassy lawn located in the inner sunset section of san francisco and who doesn't like green grass unless it's fake green plastic grass yuck, anyway for years people have been doing something that the city wish they
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wouldn't its paving over their front lawn to make room for more parking, and i do understand parking is always at a premium in the city by the bay. but in 2002 the city passed an ordinance that prohibits homeowners from replacing the grassy areas with concrete part of the problem is when it rains the runoff get absored by the ground, but with concrete the water has nowhere to got so overwhelms the storm drains stand up at 22nd and irving almost 90 percent of the entire block has been paved over in violation of a san francisco ordinance this driveway was paved over yet get this. they painted the concrete green, and just think they almost fooled me
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this homeowner did the same thing, except they place these nice planter decoration, yup that with absorb lots of water now many of the people i spoke to told me the concrete was there long before 2002 well according to the san francisco planning case you are grandfather in if you can prove it however if you cant and someone turns you in get ready to fork out 500 big ones if you don't correct it in 90 days and 250 big one every 30 days after, so far they have had 163 conplaints and 95 have been resolved since the enforcement is complaint driven you can submit one anonymously and the city will get right on it but remember the greenery is what makes san francisco special not all this concrete in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m >> jacqueline: temperatures in the stormtracker 4 radar.
8:47 pm
we can see the tail end of this system. there is no rain we could at some showers from the us as that slides through. we will see some cold air. clear conditions and the north we could see some not much. we could see a decrease in clouds. clear skies virtually everywhere. those clouds will come right back and. and at the chance of showers along the east to saturday and sunday. for the upper 60s for the most part. the rain for tomorrow will
8:48 pm
be sunday and on some snowfall for the high elevations. and as we see sunday, it will continue with these snow flurries. here is a look at the snow forecast for the sierras. temperatures cooling quite a bit for the sierras and locally. the low 50s and as we go for the rest of the week we will start to see drier conditions. and chilly morning lows once again. >> gary: the last workout for the 49ers. they only had
8:49 pm
nine starts but it is the tallest selling jersey and the national football league. alex smith, working it out. with a torn triceps and jim harbaugh. >> the things that we always emphasized as a team and that is studying for the test. to prepare for the challenges at hand. i want them to enjoy at. i wanted them to enjoy every minute. and enjoy the competition. for a chance to win a championship. >> we keep saying this that the incident so great for the 49ers. you have to find a little and negativity. david acres, he has been up, down. however, he is the man that will do it in the super bowl. >> just going the same but
8:50 pm
the thing, a practicing. i wish that those things were counted. for the practice season and training camp, pre-game, all of them out. so it has been a bit of a head scratcher. 60 seconds away from being a world champion. that is a good thought. >> i think that he will do well. the field goal and saying that anybody can kick. they are drafting and you watch a lot of football. >> with jankowski but the kicker. >> davis is the first to say to value the kicker. he could be the no. 1 draft choice. normally, the will pick a guy here, there but he is going to come through. >> gary: pam and i have
8:51 pm
given him our blessing. as the power of the internet grows this could be the most hyped-up superbowl and moste betted and the vegas booking saying that kaepernick has been betted on in several states because of his previous teams that he's played for. patrick wallace. speaking to the enemy, ray lewis they have been texting back and forth all season. for the 17th season, he figures that this could be the most talked-
8:52 pm
about linebacker. he is such a great talent. mark jackson they are having a great, great season. and chicago for a 29-lead they could not get it done. jimmy pollard. 1.3-87. here is the story. a 50 year-old computer technician 17 $5,000 just throwing it and even lebron james. that is cool. >> that could be worth more.
8:53 pm
[laughter] and also, a 50 year-old computer technician. >> that is fantastic. and e- mail time. why am i not going to be super bowl? i will give you a hint... and i am looking at it [laughter] . we will come back
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8:56 pm
>> gary: what is the latest? >> of course, the forty- niners and joe has anybody given credit for alex smith? >> that is a good one. everybody seems to be falling in love with kaepernick. and rightfully so. at the very least the way that he has protected himself. we will get a quarterback that is good. and a leader and a good guy. the zero greatest athletes i have seen is willie mays, and bo jackson and colin
8:57 pm
kaepernick there will speak talk about him being the best in the nfl. perhaps they are jumping the gun? >> and james asks on that national story the wild drugs and drinking i could not believe it. >> the national radio show. and he admitted that he did not think that i cared for him. >> to wild and crazy. >> a wife, kids in a mortgage. >> that was fun. >> i thought that i would never see the warriors went to you think? >> i think that the lakers.
8:58 pm
they are about four or five games from the playoffs. i just cannot leave with all of that talent that there will not be able to sneak in. but if i had too bad, the warriors, the lakers. >> if i had to think about it. >> and why are you not going to the super bowl? >> and i would say that there are other young guys. and let us talk about the other younger guys going and i think that i am more valuable being at home with family. tending to the children, driving. and talking on kron. .
8:59 pm
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